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Neil Van Niekerk of WWW.PLANETNEIL.COM

Neil Van Niekerk will run is very first ever Irish Seminar/Workshop in Cork The base for our workshop will be the five star Hayfield Manor Hotel in Cork City.

The date for this is 2nd August 2009 in Cork

Neil Van Niekerk of WWW.PLANETNEIL.COM

Who is Neil Van Niekerk?

Neil has been running a very successful website and workshop through out the US for many years now. His website is a wealth of information on all aspects of photography.

My name is Neil van Niekerk, and photography is something that I am passionate about.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in northern New Jersey.
The Planet Neil website started out as my personal site, but has morphed into a website which contains numerous web articles on the subject of photography. My photography work itself can be seen on the One Perfect Moment site.

My interest in this wonderful medium started when I was still in high school. That would be in the late 70’s, if you’re trying to gauge the longevity of my interest in photography.

I am originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, but I immigrated to the USA in 2000. I am now a resident of New Jersey, USA, where I live with my wife and daughter. I have also travelled through parts of Africa and Europe.

I graduated with a college degree in Electronic Engineering, and worked as a TV Broadcast Engineer in South Africa. At the same time, I pursued photography as a parallel career. My family and I decided to settle in the USA in 2000, and I have pursued photography as a full time career since.
I love photography for a variety of reasons. The stimulation and excitement of responding to new situations satisfies both my analytical and creative sides, and I also truly love working with people. I get real pleasure from sharing the happiness with the people that I photograph, and knowing that I’m creating images that will evoke wonderful memories for a lifetime

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Neil van Niekerk

This is what we intend to be covered on the day, and it is a full day.

2009 Flash Photography Seminar + Workshop series in Ireland
On 28th July, Neil will be in Brighton in the UK
On 30th July, Neil will be in Birmingham in the UK

The price for the entire day Seminar and Workshop, 9am – 8pm is 350 Euro in Ireland

The price for the Morning Seminar is 150 Euro 9am – 1pm

The workshops are divided into two sections.
Attendees can register for the 4-hour morning session only (9 am to 1:00pm) for €150 ,
or they can register for the full day session which includes hands-on instruction,
and shooting sessions with models (9 am to 8pm) for 350 Euro. To take part in the second part of the day, you need to have done the morning session first.

The morning session is open to all - but there will only be 12 people (plus one invited guest) who attend the entire day, including the photo sessions in the afternoon and the evening. This way I can make sure of individual attention with each photographer attending the workshop section of the day.

Seminar & Presentation (Morning Session)
Starting at 9 am, there is a presentation on flash photography, lighting and exposure, which is based on the articles on this website. I will answer all questions, and thoroughly cover a variety of topics, which will include:

* White Balance settings
* TTL / Auto flash .. vs .. Manual flash
* Exposure metering for ambient light
* Implications of flash sync speed
* Flash modes available with camera systems
* Adding fill-flash to available light outdoors
* Flash indoors
* Directional bounce flash
* Flash modifiers – uses & limitations
* Dragging the shutter * Tungsten light & flash
* Wireless TTL flash
* Using strobes for portraits, and small studio set-ups

Practical Application (Afternoon / Evening Session)
This portion of the day is 5 hours of hands-on photography to reinforce the information presented at the Seminar & Presentation. There will be 2 models available during the afternoon and evening photo sessions, and each attendee will be given the opportunity to work with the models, together and individually.

Several different lighting situations will be set up and each participant will get to practice the concepts covered in the morning’s presentation. Pocket Wizards will be available for each attendee to use for the off-camera lighting / studio setup. The practical exercises will include:

* Using flash with max sync speed
* Metering for ambient light and fill flash
* Bouncing flash into a reflector as a fill
* Bouncing flash into a reflector as a main light at night
* Using off camera flash / creating a small studio set-up

Attendance at the Practical Application portion of the workshop is strictly limited. In order to allow everyone plenty of time to work with the models and to get personal feedback.


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