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Guy Gowan

Date: 13th December

FEE: Free

Venue: Cork

Liam Ramsell of WWW.IRISHEYES.IE (in association with Stream Solutions (www.stream.ie) Apple Resellers in Cork and etntworld) is proud to announce that he has acquired the services of the world renowned Guy Gowan to come to Cork on 13th & 14th December to run his last set of Seminars this year in Ireland. These are being held in the five star Hayfield Manor Hotel (www.hayfieldmanor.ie)

For more information on these seminars, booking forms, availability of spaces and other information please contact Liam at

LiamRamsell@Irisheyes.ie and visit WWW.IRISHEYES.IE


There are few work places where an increase in speed and productivity does not mean a drop in quality. Guy’s methodologies, along with his understanding of light, range and colour theory, provide a unique way of working that overcomes these compromises.

Saturday 13th, Apple Aperture Presented by Guy Gowan, etntworld.

Guy will run 2 seminars, one running from 10am to 1pm and the second running from 2pm to 5pm. Both seminars are the same. This is to cover different time options for people.

This seminar will give an outstanding overview of Aperture and its ability to work from the raw image and bring it through Aperture and into PhotoShop. You will see the benefits of Aperture and an overview of some of its amazing features; you will see an overview of PhotoShop at work also. You will be shown the ease at which you can work in Aperture and its amazing workflow. This will give great insight into how these two systems work.

Here is an extract from Guy talking about aperture:


This Seminar is FREE







Guy Gowan has been working with digital images since scanning devices were first connected to hard drives. He has worked, talked and consulted in the photographic, design and print industries -an environment where working at speed to the highest quality is paramount.

Since the event of professional digital photography, Guy has demonstrated and taught these principles to a worldwide audience of professional photographers working with
Adobe Systems and Apple computers.